Ella Berthoud
Ella is a bibliotherapist at The School of Life
“The wisdom of
all the minds of all
the universes”
BIBLIOTHERAPY is a service
that tackles life’s ups and downs
with a book in hand

“I felt excited - understood, even”
John Crace, The Guardian
Ella is Listening to
by Donna Tartt
“beauty alters the brain of reality.”
Ella is Reading
"Noble deeds and hot baths are the best cures for depression"
by Dodie Smith

Visit to UAE

Last week I had an opportunity to fly to Sharjah, to talk to a group of Story Tellers about bibliotherapy. These story tellers will be going to refugee camps around the world,  bringing books to them and helping them to relate to their world through stories. Hosted by UAEBBY, the UAE board on Books for […]

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“Ella cured me of my boredom, myopia and my marriage”
An anonymous satisfied customer